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  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay
  • Wedding Bagpiper Hire with Piper Mckay

Store - Bagpipe Ringtones Scotland The Brave, Flower of Scotland, Amazing Grace...

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Scotland The Brave ringtone, Flower of Scotland, The Black Bear, Amazing Grace, The Skye Boat Song, Auld Lang Syne plus offers...

Get Scotland The Brave Ringtone
Scotland The Brave ringtone image

Get Flower of Scotland Ringtone
Flower of Scotland ringtone image

Get The Black Bear Ringtone
Black Bear ringtone image

Amazing Grace Ringtone
Amazing Grace ringtone image

Get The Skye Boat Song Ringtone
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Auld Lang Syne Ringtone
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7 Ringtone's for > £7.77

Piper Mckay's 7 ringtones for 7 pounds - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE Ringtone - SKYE BOAT SONG Ringtone - FLOWER OF SCOTLAND Ringtone - THE BLACK BEAR Ringtone - AMAZING GRACE Ringtone - SCOTTISH SOLDIER Ringtone - DANNY BOY Ringtone

1) Scotland The Brave
2) Skye Boat Song
3) Flower of Scotland
4) The Black Bear
5) Amazing Grace
6) Scottish Soldier / Green Hills
7) Danny Boy

3 for 2
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Scotland The Brave, Flower of Scotland and Amazing Grace

3 for 2 Scotland The Brave Ringtone, Flower of Scotland Ringtone and Amazing Grace Ringtone

As Seen and Featured on CBeebies

BBC's ZingZillas 'Welcome To The Island' - Aunt Dots Dash!

Featuring Piper Mckay

Get ZingZillas - THE DVD

ZingZillas DVD
This Ground Breaking 5 Star BBC Worldwide production is about involving Children in the World of Real Musical Instruments...

On this first episode
- See 'Piper Mckay' who is a special guest playing the Bagpipes. Great Fun For All!

This DVD is an excellent gift for all Kids from 3 - 6 years and older to get in to music...

Rumour has it, The Parents love it too!

GET The ZingZillas - MUSIC ALBUM

ZingZillas THE ALBUM

Ever thought of playing the Pipes!?

This 2 Part System includes:

a) A Download
b) And a call with Piper Mckay

Piper Mckay will show you the best plan...

Discover the 21 Secret Steps you'll need to learn the bagpipes correctly and successfully....

There's a specific way to go about this, there are people you'll need to meet and places you'll need to go... this is a special download for people who want the best start and future plan. This won't show you instantly how to play, thats impossible, but it will tell you the precise plan to follow, step by step. This will mean you'll be playing in no time at all.

You need the correct foundation... this is the road map...

PLUS you'll get a free call with Piper Mckay, one on one worth £97 (free). This mini fast track consultation will dot the i's and cross the t's so you can start your journey on the pipes successfully.


Learn How To Play the Bagpipes PLAN with Piper Mckay

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Free Bagpiper Ringtone

Ringtone 3 for 2 special offer, Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland & Amazing Grace Buy 1 get 1 free Learn HOW TO PLAY THE BAGPIPES PLAN




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