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Scottish Bagpipe Music


Bagpipe music is played on the Great Highland Bagpipe, an instrument that has reeds, drones, chanter, bag and mouth piece.

The bagpipe chanter has 9 notes and is played with a blend of embellishments that create musical sounds. Played in the key of A, it has a higher pitch than orchestras making it very unique indeed.

From slow airs to foot stamping marches, jigs, hornpipes and reels. A whole mixture of music is at hand for your own entertainment needs.

Bagpipe music falls into two forms, (Ceol Beag) meaning light music in Gaelic, this is what you most commonly hear, such tunes as "Scotland the Brave" are considered as light music.

Piobaireachd is the classical music of the bagpipe, this music was made for the instrument. It is known as (Ceol Mhor) meaning big music in Gaelic.
Bagpipe music encompasses hundreds of years of history all rolled into the performance at any one meeting. The impression the bagpipes make is very special, it is impossible to put your finger on its magical, mystical qualities. This is a true art form.

Pipe music is incredible, it is moving, it is exciting, it is happy, it is sad, it drills deep into your soul.

Above all you will not regret the performance of a Scottish Piper at your event.

Hire Piper Mckay for your event.

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